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Top Table Wedding Seating Plan

Top Table Wedding Seating Plan

7 March 2018

How to best plan the top table seating arrangements for your wedding

 One of the questions we frequently encounter at the hotel is the all-important “Who shall I have on my top table?”  This is often the second most important part of your wedding arrangements, second only to choosing your wedding date.

Traditionally, the top table comprises the bride, groom, groom’s parents, bride’s parents, best man and chief bridesmaid.  However, in the modern world in which we live, families aren’t often that straight forward. Should mum, step-dad, dad and step-mum all be on the top table? And if so, suddenly your top table numbers begin to hit double figures. Where do you draw the line? Should your children be on the top table? What about your close friends?

The simple answer is, it’s your wedding, and therefore your choice on who to have on your top table. As people are generally now marrying when they’re slightly older, we see couples choosing to have their close friends on the top table, with family members on a different table. The benefit of family members sitting together is the opportunity it affords them to catch up with each other, often very valued time, for those that live some distance away. Some older relatives may need assistance, and feel more comfortable if this is done away from the focus of the top table.

Does it affect the order of the speeches if people are sat around the room, and not on the top table? Of course not. Providing those undertaking a speech can be seen and heard, seating arrangements at the wedding breakfast are entirely flexible.

It can keep your guests entertained when those proposing a toast are on different table, and might even prevent great aunt Maude from nodding off!

We understand it can be tricky, and you may feel awkward; you may want your own children on the top table with you, particularly if they’re older and a key part of the celebrations as a bridesmaid or page boy. Similarly, if your children are younger and may not be comfortable sitting still for longer periods of time, a child’s table (with a responsible adult if required) may help to keep the children amused.

It’s your special day, and your family and friends are there to celebrate it with you. They will be happy with your choices, knowing that you’ve considered the best possible way to accommodate seating all your guests.

Lisa, the Wedding Co-ordinator at Leeds Parkway has been at the hotel for six years, and has been involved with hundreds of weddings, each one different in its own way. She will be happy to help whatever questions you may have regarding your wedding arrangements.