Terms & Conditions


  1. The Club shall be called FEEL GOOD HEALTH CLUBS, the proprietor of which is Jupiter Hotels Ltd (‘the Club Operator’). In these rules the expression “the Manager” means the person who is appointed to manage the affairs of the Club by the Club Operator or the General Manager of the premises at which the club is situated.
  2. Potential Members of the Club must complete an application form in full and Health Questionnaire as prescribed by the Club operator. These forms must be signed and accompanied by a Direct Debit mandate for the appropriate membership fees.
  3. The Club Operator and/or Manager have the absolute discretion to refuse to admit any candidate as a member of the Club or terminate membership without giving any reason for such refusal.
  4. Members will be issued with a membership card, which shall remain the property of the Club Operator and upon termination of membership will be Any loss of a membership card must be reported to the Club Operator as soon as possible after discovery of the loss, replacement cards are charged at a replacement fee of £5.
  5. Membership is non-transferable and accordingly no Member shall allow his or her membership card to be used by any other person. Membership fee will be repayable to a member if (for any reason whatsoever) such Member is unable (either permanently or temporarily) to use the Club’s facilities or amenities. Any refunds provided by the club operator is at the discretion of the club Manager.
  6. Membership shall commence on the date of acceptance of the membership application by the Club Operator or a deferred date agreed between the new member and the manager and as from that date, the Member is entitled to exercise all the privileges of membership and is deemed to have agreed to be bound by these rules.
  7. Pro rata fees for direct debit memberships or full payment for paid in full memberships are payable in advance and failure to pay will result in the termination of membership. Direct debit membership carries an initial three-month term after which time it is one-month cancellation notice in writing to the club manager. At the same time, the Member’s membership card must be surrendered to the Club Operator. No part of the membership fee will be refunded should the member decide to terminate membership under this rule.
  8. Members over 16 years of age are welcome to introduce guests to the Club. Guests must register, complete a Health Questionnaire, and pay the current guest fee. Members must ensure that their guests are fully aware of the Club’s Terms & Conditions and Rules & Regulations.
  9. “Junior Member” is any Member of the Club who is under 16 years of age.
  10. All Junior Members must be accompanied by an adult Member who shall be responsible for their conduct and compliance with the Club rules.
  11. For safety reasons Junior Members must be supervised by an adult(16 years or older). Junior Members may not use the gym.
  12. The rules relating to Junior Members shall apply to Hotel Guests under the age of 16 as if they were Junior Members of the Club.
  13. Members and their guests must wear appropriate clothing in the Health Club, as required by the Club Operator and comply with all the Club’s Health and Safety requirements. Members using the swimming pool must comply with any instructions given by any supervisor and by poolside notices. In particular, Members are advised to read and must comply with the Code of Safety for Swimming Pools. The Club Operator does not guarantee the presence at the poolside of any safety attendant or other supervisor.
  14. A Member who is unable to swim is expressly forbidden to use the swimming pool without adequate supervision.
  15. There must be one adult (16 years or older) present in the pool to every two children (8 years or younger) an adult must supervise in the water those aged 8 – 15 years.
  16. No food or drink may be consumed within the Club other than food and drink purchased within the Only designated eating areas may be used. There is no food or drink permitted in the pool area.
  17. Members and their guests must complete a Health declaration before embarking upon use of the Club’s Members must not use the facilities of the Club while under the influence of alcohol, or whilst taking anticoagulants, antihistamines, vasoconstrictors, narcotics, tranquillizers or other drugs, or while suffering from any contagious disease or disorder. Any Member suffering from a medical condition should obtain medical advice that it is safe to use the Club’s facilities. The Club Operator will not be responsible for any illness or injury suffered by a Member directly or indirectly which arises from the use of the Club’s facilities contrary to any such advice.
  18. All new members (apart from swim only members) are invited to attend a gym induction; if this is declined, a gym induction waiver form must be completed prior to using the facilities.
  19. The Club Operator will not accept any responsibility for any harm or injury which has resulted from the Member undertaking an activity which such member knew or ought to reasonably have known could cause such harm or injury to the such Member.
  20. The Club Operator will not accept any responsibility for any loss or injury suffered by a Member or Guest which arises from that Member’s or guest’s negligence, breach of these rules, default or other wrongful act.
  21. Every Member must use the Club in a proper and cautious manner and abide by all the signs posted throughout the Club In the interest of tidiness all Members must use the lockers provided. No responsibility will be accepted by the Club Operator for the loss or theft of property or money. Lockers are not for overnight use and should be emptied on each visit. As part of the Health Club’s procedures, lockers are periodically emptied and any belongings found will be stored for 28 days and then sent to a local charity.
  22. The Club Operator reserves the right to refuse admission to any Member or proposed guest who, in the manager’s opinion, is unsuitably dressed or attired or whose conduct in the opinion of the manager may distress or disturb any other Member or guests.
  23. Please note the pool will be vacated 15 minutes before closing time allowing members and guests ample time to be changed.
  24. The hotel is dog friendly and well-behaved dogs are allowed at the discretion of the club manager in the café area of the club. Should the club manager feel the club is too busy then the dog may be requested to leave the club.
  25. Any dispute or difference, which may arise as to the meaning or interpretation of these Rules, shall be determined by the Club Operator whose decision is final and binding.
  26. The Club Operator may at any time vary these Rules and/or The Club, or part of the Club, may be closed from time to time for maintenance, redecoration or any other safety reason. Advance warning will be issued where possible.